You go outside to the parking spot where you left your car and you are ready to drive away and do your thing. You only experience one challenge in this case- that the car is not in the spot where you left it and neither can you see it anywhere else. Any person that has been through that experience should understand that they are not alone.  When you check on statistical data, you will discover more from the national crimes insurance department as they record it as something which somewhat happens to people-in case you become a victim, it is ever critical to have info on the appropriate steps that you can take.  Here is a website on which one can read more here and learn these key steps that can help.  These guiding principles are elaborately explained in this site for individuals who have been victims of car theft such that they can take the steps on this page right away. 

Contacting the police should be the first idea that should cross your mind.  Calling the police department; for instance, the common 911 is critical as they need to file the report.  The insurance company with which you will be handling the car theft matter can only come through if you have an honourable police report, without which the insurer will not be part of the deal.  When reporting the matter to the cops the way it happened, you should have information such as custom license plates, ID numbers of the car and other critical details that can help to distinctly make its identification beforehand. 

 The car tracking and recovery procedures can be more effective and ideal in this matter when you inform the local authorities about the presence of a built-in GPS tracker- it works as an added advantage during the search.  Making a critical call to the insurance company that caters for your needs, in this case, becomes essential too.  With a comprehensive insurance package, your probabilities of vehicular theft protection can be higher.  The utmost importance of reporting the right details to the insurer is that they will take into account that any injuries and/ or damages resulting from the car after it has been stolen are not your fault thus their liability.

 An assessment into the claim that you make gets launched thereafter by the insurance company.  Keep in mind that you do not want to raise any alarm bells by having even the slightest difference in the details given to the cops and those explained to the insurance adjuster.  After following appropriate procedures, it is best to relax and expect a call from the cops or the insurers or both. Discover more on this page about stolen car.